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Griechische Spezialitäten vom Holzkohlegrill

Unsere mediterrane und griechische Küche wird Sie mit besonders authentischen Speisen begeistern.

Kunden schätzen die Frische & Qualität unserer Speisen

Unsere Gäste schätzen unser Bistro für die Frische und Qualität unserer Speisen. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst

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Bismarckstr. 56
40210 Düsseldorf

GRILL 56 HOUSE Pempelfort

Schloßstraße 19
40477 Düsseldorf

in Düsseldorf

In unserem Grill House 56 auf der Bismarckstraße 56 in Düsseldorf servieren wir griechische Spezialitäten vom Holzkohlegrill. Unsere mediterrane und griechische Küche wird Sie mit besonders authentischen Speisen begeistern. Unsere Gäste schätzen unser Bistro für die Frische und Qualität unserer Speisen.
Grill House 56
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Spezialitäten vom Holzkohlegrill.

Erleben Sie Grillgenuss mit dem typischen Aroma von Holzkohle.

Unsere Spezialitäten

  • 5 star review  FOOD & DRINKS Usually when I go to a typical Greek diner I always get the gyro but here the souvla is the way to go. There is something magical about a horizontal rotisserie that is fueled with life from glowing charcoal beneath. What I love about this little grill house is that they just concentrate on a few items. No Currywurst, Schnitzel or other things that are just there to have variety. Just simple yet amazing Greek food. You have the choice of three types of meat. Chicken, pork or lamb. I went for the pork souvla pita and I enjoyed it thoroughly. The meat was well seasoned, smoky, juicy and had a wonderful citrus note. Superb. The pita could have been a bit more crispy on the outside for my taste but other than that it was a soft piece of yummy bread. I won’t deny that the person who sat next to me ordered some chicken which looked horribly dry. I might just be lucky to have picked the pork. The reason why I think it was dry is their method of cooking. You have to understand that this is a bit like a fast food diner. Everything needs to go out fast. That is why some of the items are precooked and put into a container which always expose it to the danger of getting dried out. But I can only judge what was served to me and that was wonderful and made me wonder about the gyro, chicken thigh and souvlaki. SERVICE Everyone here were very nice and friendly. Plus they all actually had a smile on their faces. What else can you wish for? ATMOSPHERE Did I mention this place is small? Four tables that allows up to four persons each plus two bar counter type seats. I think they could definitely improve upon the seating area when it comes to style but on the other hand I don’t think it matters that much because the star is the open kitchen and the food. RATING I came here with a full belly but I felt like I had to try out one place in Düsseldorf while I have been there and forced myself to go in here. Although my body said no, I still enjoyed my first bite a lot and the bite after that… I think that speaks for itself. Also when you come here be ready to wait for a seat or take a pita to go. This place is always very busy and you know its good when you are the only person who doesn’t speak Greek.

    thumb Luffy3D2Y
    31. Januar 2020
  • 5 star review  Best pita gyros place in the city! The most original Greek gyros, the pita sandwich is not too oil neither dry, with broad selection of traditional sauces.Good prices, lovely staff and super quick service.

    thumb Ana .Tsa
    27. Mai 2020


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Bismarckstr. 56
40210 Dusseldorf


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